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With time, it is seen that the number of students appearing in NTA UGC NET Exam is increasing on year on year basis. So, clearing the exam, especially with JRF is now becoming more challenging for the students.

The UGC NET JRF exam is now conducted by NTA for humanities and commerce stream subjects. Students securing above the cut off mark in NET are eligible of Assistant Professor post. However, students can also secure JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) by scoring marks on the higher side. Approximately 10-15% of the students who qualify for NET, are declared as JRF qualified. The cut off for the JRF qualification is higher that the Assistant Professor cut-off. JRF qualified candidates can avail scholarship from UGC after enrolling themselves in a full time Ph.D. or M.Phil. program in any Indian University recognised by UGC. The scholarship ranges between Rs. 35000-Rs. 40000 per month, depending upon the HRA of the location of the concerned university.

The UGC NTA NET JRF paper is segmented into two different parts: Paper I and Paper II.

  • The entire paper is of objective type questions. (MCQs)
  • There is no negative marking and there is no sectional cut-off.
  • Paper I tests general aptitude, teaching aptitude and research aptitude of students. The syllabus can be downloaded from here. The syllabus is common across all subjects of Humanities and Commerce.
  • Paper-II is based on the subject selected by the candidate. It is advisable for students to opt for their post- graduation subject or any related subject. Download the UGC NET JRF Management syllabus from here.


  • Time Management: The syllabus of UGC NET JRF MANAGEMENT is quite vast. It includes around 11-12 subjects. So, a sound preparation in a limited time span needs good planning.
  • Study according to the exam pattern: The UGC NET Exam follows an MCQ pattern, and so, here concept grasping and their practical application is more important. Students need not study the complete books of Phillips Kotler(for marketing) or I.M Pandey (for finance) to clear this exam. Time Management during preparation is a key component for clearing any exam.
  • Analyse previous trends in questions: Previous year questions play a very important role in UGC NET preparation. Not only there are repetition of the concepts, but they also help one in getting a brief idea of the concepts which are usually evaluated through the exam. Thus, detailed analysis of previous questions is very important to master the UGC NT JRF Exam.
  • Practice Questions: This ensures a quick revision for the students.

The Study material of Edu Expertus ensures that students can get ready to take the examination within a short span of time. We follow the concept: Only study what is relevant & important for the exam.

  • Study: We provide UGC NET JRF Aspirants with study materials that are made precisely in accordance to the syllabus. Almost 85%-90% of the questions in the exam come from our booklets. There are around 11 booklets, divided subject wise. (Note: UGC provides the NET JRF syllabus which is divided into different units and not subjects. We, however, for the convenience of the students, categorize this whole syllabus into different subjects of Management). The booklets are made in such a way, that students can grasp the requisite concepts for the UGC NET Examination. The UGC NET Exam follows an MCQ pattern, and so, here concept grasping and their practical application is more important. Students need not study the whole books of Kotler or Pandey to clear this exam. Time Management is a key component for clearing any exam.
  • Every booklet contains different chapters related to that particular subject. After every chapter we provide a question set for quick revision.
  • Exercise: Moreover, we provide 15 Question bank booklets for UGC NET JRF Management. These booklets are also prepared subject wise. In total, students have almost 3000 questions for revision. The questions not only include previous year questions of UGC NET JRF, but also new questions prepared by the team. Also, our question booklets are not just some MCQs. We have tried to explain each and every question in details in our question bank. This helps the students to learn the entire concept related to that particular topic.
  • Guidance: Apart from providing  study material for UGC NET JRF (Management and Paper 1), EDU Expertus also provide free mentoring services to the students. EDU Expertus is guided by a 3 times JRF Holder who held  RANK 1 in Management and Rank 4 in Commerce. Students can, at any time, reach out to the team for doubt clearing sessions.

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