UGC NTA NET JRF: Paper 1 & Paper 2 Management​

EDU Expertus helps to crack UGC  NTA NET JRF Management (Code 17) exam

Aspirants are requested to devote some time in reading this entire page to get a detailed overview of the UGC NET JRF Exam and the guidance provided by the EDU Expertus team.

We guarantee that this will surely save a lot of  your time and effort in the overall preparation process for the exam.

Study Material Package Details for UGC NTA NET JRF: Paper 1 & Paper 2 Management

For the ease of study we provide our entire Material (Content and Question Bank) in Printed Form. Printed material makes revision effortless for students.

  • 3 Printed content booklets covering entire syllabus.
  • Topic wise designed question booklets for quick revision of entire syllabus. Almost 1500 most relevant solved question with detailed explanation (includes previous year questions and new questions created by our team)
  • Total 6 Booklets (3  Content Booklets + 3 Question Booklets)
  • 12 Printed content booklets covering entire syllabus.
  • 12 topic wise designed question booklets for quick revision of entire syllabus. Almost 4000  solved questions with detailed explanation (includes previous year questions and new questions created by our team)
  • Total 24 Booklets (12  Content Booklets + 12 Question Booklets)

  1. Teaching Aptitude
  2. Research Aptitude
  3. Data Interpretation
  4. Information & Communication Technology
  5. Mathematical Resoaning and Aptitude
  6. Logical Reasoning
  7. Indian Logics
  8. People Development & Environment
  9. Higher Education System
10. Comprehension

  1. Financial Management
  2. Statistics for Management
  3. Economics
  4. Accounting
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Operations Management
  8. Strategic Management
  9. International Business
10. Enterpreneurship Development
11. Business Ethics and CSR
12. Information Technology

How can aspirants prepare for UGC NET management and which books should be referred?

As already mentioned, the syllabus of UGC NET JRF MANAGEMENT (Code 17) is quite vast. Paper 2 includes around 11-12 subjects. Most of the subjects are being taught at PG level (MBA/ PGDM). Similarly, Paper 1 contains around 5- 6 subjects. So, a sound preparation in a limited time span need good planning. Time management is an important component of the exam. Therefore, it is advisable for students to study according to the exam pattern. The UGC NET Exam follows an MCQ pattern, and so, here concept grasping and their practical application is more important. 

Some of the best books in Management are:

Financial ManagementI M Pandey/M Y Khan/Prasanna Chandra
Marketing ManagementPhilip Kotler/ Grewal
Bhushan Kumar Goyal
Managerial EconomicsCraig H Petersen/ D N Dwivedi
Business StatisticsS P Gupta
Strategic ManagementThomas L Wheelen
Organizational BehaviourStephen P. Robbins
Human Resource Management
V S P Rao/ T N Chhabra
Production & Operations ManagementR Paneerselvam
Business Ethics & Corporate GovernanceJyotsana GB & RC Joshi
International Economics (International Business)Dominick Salvatore
Innovation and EntrepreneurshipC B Gupta

Any student can choose to study from these books. But studying from these books will cost students a lot of time. Also, just glancing through these books will not be enough for the UGC NET exam. Student will have to cover every topic from the UGC NET syllabus from the books. Only after making notes and revising multiple times from these books a student will feel confident for the exam.

Moreover, previous year questions play a very important role in UGC NET preparation. Not only there are repetition of the concepts, but they also help one in getting a brief idea of the concepts which are usually evaluated through the exam. Thus, detailed analysis of previous year questions is very important to master the UGC NET JRF Exam. Practicing Questions ensures a quick revision for the students. The traditional management books do not incorporate previous year UGC NET questions. 

However, at the same time, students can opt for books that are available online. These books summarise the entire syllabus of paper 2 (including both content and question bank) in merely 500-600 pages. But, in true terms, such a book is not enough for preparing for the UGC NET exam. The book only gives a basic introduction of the content and questions asked in the exam. The detailed explanations to the questions are not provided. It’s just an abridged form of all the subjects. To get through the exam, one needs to be thorough with the subject matter. So, such book will not help students even in securing the cut off for UGC NET Assistant Professor (Cut-off for Assistant Professor only is lower than JRF cut-off).

To help students, EDU Expertus has prepared a study material set for both UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Management). The team understands very well the format of the examination. The whole of the study material is prepared by JRF holders under the guidance of a topper who holds AIR 1 in UGC NET 2014 (Management). He is also a 3 times JRF holder and was serving as an officer in one of India’s leading PSUs.

How EDU Expertus helps to crack UGC NET JRF Management

We continuously guide our students till they clear the UGC NET JRF Management Examination.

1.   Study: We provide UGC NET JRF Aspirants with study materials that are made precisely in accordance to the syllabus. Almost 85-90% of the questions in the exam come from our booklets. There are around 15 booklets (Paper 1+ Paper 2), divided subject wise. (Note: UGC provides the NET JRF syllabus which is divided into different units and not subjects. We, however, for the convenience of the students, categorize this whole syllabus into different subjects of Management). Further, each subject is sub-divided into different topics and chapters are prepared accordingly. After every chapter we provide a question set for quick revision.

2.   Exercise: Moreover, we provide 15 Question bank booklets (Paper 1+ Paper 2). These booklets are also prepared subject wise. In total, students have more than 1500 questions for revision. The questions not only include previous year questions of UGC NET JRF, but also new questions developed by the team. Also, our question booklets are not just some MCQs. Each and every question has been explained in detail in the question bank. This helps the students to learn the entire concept related to that particular topic.

Content and Question bank sample material can be download from links mentioned below at the end of the page.

3.   Guidance: EDU Expertus doesn’t just sell study material for UGC NET JRF (Management). We mentor our students during the entire preparation process. The interaction helps the student in understanding where he is lagging in his preparation. If our students are having difficulty in grasping any concept related to the exam, they can always reach out to the team for doubt clearing sessions.

Also, if felt necessary by students, the team arranges for a crash course for the UGC NET JRF Paper 1 and Paper 2.

It is advisable for students to avoid photocopied notes while preparing for the exam. the reasons are:

1.   EDU Expertus is not just selling study material. We continuously keep guiding the students on how to prepare for the exam. Through self-study, students can merely go through the content and question booklets. In contrast, the EDU Expertus students are at a much advantageous positions as they can always reach out to the team of previous year JRF toppers, for any doubts regarding topics from the syllabus. Statistics, Financial Management, Economics, Accountancy, Data Interpretation, Logical and Mathematical Reasoning are some subjects in which students need continuous guidance from the faculty.

Many a times, it is seen that students who are going for self-study, get jumbled up with the syllabus and lose motivation for further preparation.

2.   Our content is being updated and upgraded on regular time to time basis. Topics such as foreign policies, international trades, higher education system in India, Government Policies etc needs continuous updating. Similarly, after ever UGC NET JRF exam, we refine our content and question bank in accordance to the new trend of questions that are seen in the exam. For example, in DEC 2019 NET JRF Exam, NTA set questions (around 10 questions) related to 2 case studies (1 from FINANCE and 1 from HR). Such questions were not seen in the earlier exams.

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